Planetside 2 Developer Calls Console Gamers Peasents

Planetside 2 developer calls console gamers peasants during game demonstration.


Have Microsoft Made A Huge Mistake Buying Rise Of The Tomb Raider Exclusivity?

Rise of the Tomb Raider will no be releasing exclusively to the Xbox One, but have Microsoft made a huge mistake in doing this?


100% Collectible Guide With Interactive Maps

Collectible guide showing where to locate every collectible in the game. Interactive map can be used to mark off locations


All Collectible Locations - What's Yours is Mine trophy / achievement - Thief

Video guide containing the location of all 82 collectibles hidden throughout the game. Collecting all will obtain What's Yours is Mine


Kidnapped Teensies Locations Guide - Oddworld: New n Tasty

Video guide showing the locations of all the hidden kidnapped Teensies throughout the game. Finding all of them will unlock 'The chosen one' trophy/achievement


Killzone: Shadow fall Gets Two New Free Multiplayer Maps

Killzone's multiplayer mode gets expanded with free DLC. Two new multiplayer maps will be available to download free of charge


Modern Games Re-Imagined As PS1 Titles

Modern games generally contain amazing HD visuals, but have you ever wondered what these games might look like if they were released on the Playstation 1?


Firefly's Signature Ship Serenity Coming To Destiny

Bungie have shown off an image of the Firefly's signature ship Serenity, used in their upcoming game, Destiny.


Turn Your Android Smart Watch Into A James Bond Gadget

Make your Android Wear device look like the watch from Goldeneye on the N64 using this free app!


Unusual and Awesome Cover Songs From The Legend Of Zelda Games

A collection of the most unique and unusual cover songs from the Legend of Zelda video game series.


How Levelling Up In Video Games Originated

Levelling up is a common feature in modern video games. It has been around for a long time, but who had the idea first?


Game Characters With Missing Features

Ever wondered what Mario looks like without a mustache? Here are famous video game characters with physical features missing.


Strider - Review

Strider is a side scrolling action game. The immediate comparison to make with this game is to compare it to Ninja Gaiden as the two games share a lot of similarities. Sadly kick-ass-awesomeness ...


Portal 2 Mod That Removes Portals From The Game

Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative is a mod for Portal 2 that will take away your trusty portal gun and replaces with a fancy new device


The Reason I Got Addicted To Watching Lost

Lost had a lot of awesome surprising moments, but there was one moment in particular that got me hooked to watching the show